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Technical supply of sea vessels

- Marine electrical equipment
transformers, lighting and measuring devices, lamps, current and voltage frequency converters, cables, electrical wires, waterproof and explosion-proof lanterns, etc.
- Spare parts
for all marine engines, diesel generators, pumps, electric motors, refrigeration units, air and oil compressors and more
- Ship Rigging
steel and galvanized cables, ropes, ship chains, anchors and chain devices, mooring ropes and ends, braces, clamps, thaler and more
- Rescue equipment
BSD, linemet, emergency beacon, lifeboats, rafts, circles, vests, water suits and more
- Fire equipment
fire extinguishers, heat suits, blowing agents, gas masks, fire axes, smoke and heat sensors of automatic alarm system and more
- Navigator’s utensils
Nautical charts, manuals, sailing, navigation and communications
- Navigation equipment
magnetic compass, GPS, hydrocompass, waterproof marine and emergency radios, batteries, radio station chargers and more
- Metal products
Pipes, valves, fittings, shut-off fittings, beams, channels, flanges, bolts, wire and more
- Gas products
nitrogen, acetylene, freon, oxygen, propane, also help to complete the vessel welding equipment and special electrodes
- Deck equipment and ship consumables
ship doors, lids, portholes, as well as batteries, solvents, primers, deck paints, paint, ship chemistry, ship oils and other combustible materials

Having taken care of the proper arrangement of the comfort of the crew, it is also important to pay attention to the technical equipment of your ship. Full navigation is possible only if the vessel has everything necessary for its proper functioning - it is important to anticipate all the details and to protect yourself in case of any emergency situation.
Our company offers a wide range of products for technical supply of sea vessels. For example, ship’s rigging: thalers, braces, steel and galvanized cables, clamps, blocks, ship’s chains, ropes, anchors and chain devices, mooring ends, etc.
You can order spare parts from us for any marine engines, in particular diesel generators, electric motors, pumps, air and oil compressors and refrigeration units.
We have valves and shut-off valves, and all models we offer at the best price, the most acceptable on the market. You can purchase fittings, pipes and other samples of metal products.
Order all kinds of electrical equipment for your vessel from us! At your disposal will be lamps, electrical wires, cables, lighting, measuring and radio instruments, transformers, frequency, current and voltage converters, waterproof, explosion-proof lanterns and more.

In special cases you can complete your vessel with welding equipment and special electrodes to it.
We also sell all kinds of gas products, including nitrogen, acetylene, oxygen, propane, freon. These consumables can be easily replenished by simply placing an order with our company. Delivery without delay is guaranteed.
Decided to bring the ship in a brilliant look? We will provide any paint and varnish materials: solvents, deck paints, primers. Our range includes shipboard chemical products, ship oils and other fuel and lubricants.
We can order navigational equipment, nautical charts, manuals, sailing equipment, navigation and communication equipment, as well as meteorological instruments and tools.
We’ll put your firehouse on board: fire extinguishers, fire axes, fire suits, blowtorches, breathing apparatus. We also have rescue equipment: boats, rafts, circles, vests, water suits and much more.

You get a unique opportunity to supply your vessel with everything you need.

Ordering ship chandler services from us
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