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Supply of industrial goods

Huge range of products of the following categories:
- Business group products: cleaning and cleaning products, household chemicals, washing products
- Bedding
- Office and office supplies
- Work clothes and shoes
- Dishes and galleys
- Any household electrical appliances

It is inconceivable that a ship is not properly equipped with the necessary industrial goods.

What is this commodity group?

First of all, they are cleaning and cleaning products of all kinds and classifications: from dishwashing products to cleaning products, laundry and other. If you want, you can order funds of a certain brand, for example, organic. We always take into account the wishes of our customers and provide all products in the best price-quality ratio.

When ordering from us, you can not be afraid of overpayment. Our experts will take into account all your wishes and will necessarily choose the right type of funds with all the criteria you have specified and at the same time with the lowest possible price.

Bed linen is also classified as industrial goods. We recommend our customers to wear-resistant bed linen made of natural materials, excluding possible allergies in crew members or ship guests. You can order bed linen of any configuration, size and colors - so that it, for example, fits the color of the cabin.

We supply utensils and galley property, fully equipped your kitchen and dining room according to your wishes. We can also easily arrange the supply of any necessary electrical appliances and onboard equipment.

In our assortment there are many economic products of all kinds and trademarks - and if you prefer a certain brand, we can especially order it for you, so the team works with what has long been used to.

All deliveries take place on time, so you don’t have to worry about completing your vessel on departure day. Everything you need for the operation of the ship and the convenience of the crew, will necessarily be on board!

We can order office and office supplies, as well as work clothes and shoes for team members of any position and specialty.

You get a unique opportunity to supply your vessel with everything you need.

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