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Food supply

- A wide range of food products: fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, cheeses, dairy products, butter, sweets, groceries, cereals, bakery and confectionery products
- Chilled products, preservation, deep-frozen products
- Soft drinks, beer
- Always fresh and high quality products
- Accounting for the tastes of the ship's crew

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of timely and complete supply of the vessel with food. They are required, first of all, for the crew of a sea vessel, and often for its guests.
Healthy and high-quality food is indispensable during sailing, as it allows the crew to feel their best, always be full of strength and enthusiasm, and easily and fully perform the tasks assigned to them.

A good varied menu allows the ship's employees to always be in a good mood - and this is very important during a long voyage.
Our company offers a wide range of food products that we are ready to deliver to your ship at any convenient time. Our employees will calculate the delivery in such a way that the loading of the products does not interfere with the loading operations and in no case delay the exit to the sea.
The variety of products will make it easy to satisfy the tastes of any crew member, including vegetarians, people with allergies to nuts and lactose, and will also take into account any religious dietary restrictions.

We supply chilled and fresh products including fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, eggs and dairy products. All products of this group are of local origin, therefore all products are exceptionally fresh and will fit perfectly into the team's diet.
For long cruises, frozen products with a long shelf life are indispensable. We offer poultry, beef, pork and lamb, deep-frozen fish and seafood, as well as frozen vegetables, fruits, ice cream and even frozen cakes and cakes! This will keep sweets even on a long journey and give the crew and guests of the ship a pleasant surprise.

We have a very wide range of groceries: seasonings, sauces and spices, rice, flour, cereals and legumes, dried fruits and nuts, milk and dairy products, canned meat and fish. Order canned fruits and vegetables, oils and fats, chocolates, cookies, bakery and confectionery products, pastries, sweets and desserts from us.
For drinks, you can choose from juices and other soft drinks, as well as beer.

You get a unique opportunity to supply your vessel with everything you need.

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