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Repair, testing, re-examination of ship equipment

- Checking the fire safety of the ship, taking into account the requirements for the fire safety system of the ship, depending on the category of the ship
- Repair of navigation, electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment of any complexity
- Repair of engines, ship pumps, including fire pumps
- Comprehensive inspection and re-certification of emergency equipment and protective equipment, including the maritime distress communication system (GMDSS)
- Only certified specialists work

In addition to commercial products, we also offer a wide range of services for your vessel.
First of all, we are engaged in checking the fire safety of the vessel. This is important, because in the event of a fire, all components of the transportation process are immediately endangered: people, their environment, cargo and the ship itself. Because of this, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to fire safety. In this way, you will not only save your crew from unnecessary risk, and yourself from possible costs, but you will also not worry if your fire protection is checked by port control representatives.

Due to the complexity of the ship's fire protection system, its inspection should be entrusted to certified professionals who can take into account all the little things and nuances that are important both for the actual safety and for easily passing any checks.
So, for example, the requirements for the fire safety system for passenger and oil-carrying ships are significantly different. Our specialists will take into account the requirements specifically for your type of vessel and will avoid problems.
If necessary, we carry out repairs of engines and fire pumps, and our specialists work with equipment of any brand, completing it with original or budget spare parts of your choice.

To ensure the full safety of the crew during their stay at sea, we offer charging and testing of self-contained breathing apparatus.
A properly functioning global maritime distress communication system (GMDSS) is a guarantee of timely assistance to the ship's crew in case of unforeseen situations. We carry out a comprehensive repair of GMDSS, as well as any mechanical and electronic equipment on your vessel.
At your request, a comprehensive inspection and re-examination of rescue and protective equipment can be carried out.

You get a unique opportunity to supply your vessel with everything you need.

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